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Personal Health Testing & Tracking

Test and track vitamin D, iron and soon more

Vitameter allows users to test & track their vitamin D, iron, and soon other biomarkers with a single drop of blood. We want to allow everyone to understand how their actions and choices impact the most fundamental unit of their health – their blood chemistry.


Accurate & quantitative testing


Affordable tests for a healthy lifestyle


Track your vitamin levels from home

Track your data over time, using our app

Integration with popular fitness apps
Easy to read charts & graphs
Weekly and monthly reports

Vitamin Deficiency

Is your health at risk?

Are you at risk of vitamin deficiency? Over 30 million people in North America have a risk of vitamin deficiency including vegetarians, athletes and pregnant mothers.

Do you have a chronic condition that disrupts your vitamin intake? 10 million people have conditions such as Crohn’s disease that prevent them from absorbing enough vitamins from food.

Or do you want to ensure optimum performance of body and mind? Stop guessing what vitamins you and your family should be taking and live with confidence.

40 Million Elderly
15 Million Medical
7 Million Vegetarians

Complete Solution

With Vitameter’s health testing & tracking, we’ll allow you to avoid the doctor’s
waiting room and the expensive lab tests. We’ll also give you the chance
to use this information to close the loop by buying
customized nutrition supplements based on your current levels.


Discover your current vitamin levels and track them over time


Learn how your day-to-day choices impact your health


Take personalized vitamin dosages based on what your body requires

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